A moment to remember: Farewell ceremony of the 7th batch of SEA-Teacher Project

Monday, February 11th 2019, a farewell ceremony for the 7th batch of SEA-Teacher Project was held by UPI. 17 Students from Philippines and Thailand were attending the ceremony while wearing their nations’ respective traditional attire. The ceremony was started by a statement from Mr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim as the Head of Office of International Education and Relations.

Then, the participants were shown a documentary video of their activities when they were conducting the programs of SEA-Teacher Project itself. After the video show, the supervisors are given the chance to give evaluation remarks regarding the participants’ performance during the project. Reminiscing the moments they have spent in Indonesia, three representations of the 7th batch of SEA-Teacher Project participants were also given the chance to deliver their heart-touching farewell remarks to their supervisors, fellow friends, and OIER Buddies.

The event then concluded by the bestowal of certificates and goodie bag from UPI to the participants of the 7th batch of SEA-Teacher Project. Before the participants leave from UPI, a photo session was held to capture the precious moment. (Rifki)

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