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Welcome new students of  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Welcome to the club! Here you will learn, develop, socialize and eventually graduate to get a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree from The Education University. Before getting the title, there are several important things that need to be considered. As a new student, what you need to do during college:

New students are required to fill out the Academic System form online to select compulsory and elective courses. This feeling must be done at the beginning of each semester. New students can consult with the guidance lecturer to take the required courses.

Every semester, there must be a new announcement, either an academic calendar or an announcement of subject grades. So, check your SIAK account often.

Each faculty has its own unique characteristics. Get to know the faculty by walking around the faculty and memorizing the lecture halls where new students study.

Erratic weather, many assignments, staying up late and eating irregularly, often cause students to get sick. There is nothing wrong if students enroll in the polyclinic. Just bring your KTM and a 3×4 photos, so you can easily get a medical card. Free treatment with professional doctors.

Books are where knowledge is located. Borrowing books, browsing, eating or just relaxing in the library can be an interesting place of activity.

What are your hobbies? UPI has many interesting student activity units, ranging from sports clubs, arts to exact sciences. Meet new friends with the same hobbies and interests, it’s definitely fun!

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