ASWGI Holds Press Conference to Support Permendikbud No. 30 Year 2021

The Association of Indonesian Women, Gender and Children Study Centers (ASWGI) held a Press Conference to Support ASWGI for Permendikbud, Research and Technology No. 30 Year 2021 & Save Campus Indonesia, on Thursday (07/04/2022). This press conference was held as an effort to express the attitude of ASWGI in its support for the realization of Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS No. 30 in 2021. The event, which was held through a Zoom Meeting and broadcast live through the SWCU Youtube channel. This Live Event was attended by the Acting Director General of Diktiristek, representatives of the Gender Center from each university in various regions, and students.

The presence of Permendikbud, Research and Technology No. 30 of 2021 concerning the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in Higher Education is a breath of fresh air in dealing with various cases of sexual violence in universities for which there is still no legal umbrella. However, this Permendikbud-Ristek still raises a number of cons in the community until it is included in the application for a formal test and material test of Permendikbud-Ristek PPKS No. 30 of 2021 in the Supreme Court (MA). Through this press conference, ASWGI hopes that the Supreme Court can reject the judicial review targeting Article 5 paragraph 2 letter (b), (f), (g), (j), (l), (m) regarding the victim’s consent phrase.

“ASWGI strongly encourages the Minister of Education and Culture, we feel that this regulation must exist because sexual violence really exists so that it can form a friendly and free environment so as to create a healthy academic culture,” said Prof. Emy Susanti, chairman of ASWGI.

Meanwhile, the Acting Director General of Diktiristek who was also present at the press conference greatly appreciated the efforts made by ASWGI, universities, and students in supporting the realization of this Permendikbud-Ristek. Prof. Ir. Nizam as Acting Director General of Dikti Research and Technology stated that this press conference was an extraordinary support in realizing a safe and comfortable campus, because of cases of sexual violence

. This webinar shows the amount of support in creating a safe, comfortable campus for academics,” said Prof. Ir. Nizam, Plt. Director General of Research and Technology.

In this press conference, representatives from the Gender Center in each university spread across various regions also conveyed their main thoughts regarding the urgency of Permendikbud, Research and Technology PPKS No. 30 of 2021, such as Surabaya State University, Mulawarman University, Halu Oleo University, Papua Manokwari University, Patimura University, and other universities. Where they all agreed that this Permendikbud and Research and Technology must be realized immediately because it can reveal and eliminate all forms of sexual violence that often occur due to multi-layered power relations involving lecturers, staff, and students.

ASWGI hopes that all universities can have regulations related to the prevention and handling of sexual violence and start implementing Permendikbud, Research and Technology No. 30 of 2021. In overcoming cases of sexual violence in the university environment, it requires cooperation and support from the entire academic community so that cases of sexual violence do not happen again, which befell both students and lecturers. (Text & Photo: Dewi Yulia – UPI Public Relations Contributor/edit: end)