Auckland University, New Zealand Lecturer Amazing with the Quality of UPI Students

The Masters Program in Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held an activity to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence with the theme “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger” on (25/08) /2022).

This activity was filled with a series of events starting with joint gymnastics which was attended by new PAUD Masters students for the 2022 academic year and alumni of PAUD Masters.

In addition to gymnastics, the series of events continued with the International Public Lecturer program, namely a discussion with one of the lecturers who participated in the “Visiting Professor” program at the Indonesian Education University, namely Prof. Marek Tesar, Ph.D. from Auckland University, New Zealand who has conducted several international researches that support Early Childhood Education.

Prof. Marek Tesar said that he was very grateful to be part of UPI and very amazed by UPI students because of the depth of curiosity and quality UPI research.

“I think this is really amazing, I must say that every time I come to UPI, I am always surprised by the quality of the students, and at this event the quality of the questions is good, and the understanding of the scholarship, as well as the deep attention and high quality research. It is my privilege to be a part of UPI”. Said Thesar.

According to the Head of the PAUD Masters Program, Dr. Euis Kurniati, M,Pd felt helped by the presence of Prof. Marek to be a partner with the Indonesian Education University, knowing his capabilities with a myriad of achievements and experience in the international arena.

“We are very grateful that he is pleased to be our partner at the Indonesian Education University, considering his extraordinary capabilities in the field of early childhood education, at the international level with various positions, achievements as well as the research carried out by him that supports education. early childhood not only in Indonesia, but also internationally,” said Euis.