Business Education Study Program P2M Team Holds Digital Marketing Strategy Training in Growing Startups for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in Japan

Community Service Team (P2M) Business Education Study Program organizes Digital Marketing Strategy Training in growing jastip startups for migrant workers Indonesia (PMI) in Japan. The activity was held on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 which was attended by 30 participants and 8 LPK Harajuku staff located on Jl. Raya Rambatan Wetan, Rambatan Village, Sindang District, Indramayu Regency. The service is carried out by a team of lecturers from the FPEB UPI Business Education Study Program, namely Prof. Dr. Hj. Ratih Hurriyati, MP, Dr. Puspo Dewi Dirgantari, S.Pd., MT, MM, Dr. Bambang Widjajanta, MM, Masharyono, AP, S.Pd., MM, Yusuf Murtadlo Hidayat (Rizal), S.Si., M.Stat, Sulastri, S.Pd., M.Stat., MM and Ratu Dintha Inshani Zukhruf Firdausi Sulaksana, S. Pd., MM

According to Prof. Dr. Hj. Ratih Hurriyati, MP as the P2M team explained that the purpose of this community service was to increase the competence and/or assistance needed, especially in the field of digital marketing in order to optimize the Jastip business of PMIs in Japan. He further explained that the team set the target audience for the community service program for the color of the Indonesian state (Indonesian Immigrant Workers (PMI)) who worked in Japan who needed increased competence related to digital marketing in responding to opportunities to create Japanese-Indonesian Jastip Start-Ups.

Dr. Puspo Dewi Dirgantari, S.Pd., MT, MM explained that community service was carried out from January to September 2022 starting with literature and preliminary studies, working meetings between researchers and members, making PKM collaboration models, implementing PKM activities, making progress reports , monitoring and evaluation, as well as making a final report.

The achievement target of training for community service programs abroad in general is increasing digital marketing competence in the courier service business (jastip) through digital marketing training programs for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in Japan. The output targets of community service activities achieved are (1) a collaboration model with partners abroad in the implementation of community service; (2) Speakers at the Scientific Forum (International Seminar on The Global Conference of Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship – GCBME 2022); (3) Publication in proceedings, (4) Intellectual Property Rights, (5) New independent entrepreneur.

This community service will be carried out with an adapted coaching and mentoring system through the Executive Coaching Model from Joel Garfinkle by carrying out various stages, namely prepare, set the stage, implement an action plan, progressive review, wrap up coaching follow up, evaluate feedback and plan the next step . In the first stage of preparation, the team held a meeting to strengthen the mentee’s knowledge about entrepreneurs and digital startups, as well as to explain the benefits of coaching and mentoring. In addition, there is motivation for self-development and startups owned by the mentee, as well as the importance of conducting an assessment and building self-awareness of each mentee to be able to run and develop their startup.

In the second stage of conducting Set The Stage, the team that held Intensive coaching and mentoring was oriented to the mentee. So that each mentee is required to be able to be active, think creatively, and be innovative in developing their startup. Mentees are required to be able to convey the company profile, vision, mission, internal assessment, external assessment and others. In the third stage of implementing the Action Plan, the team carried out the implementation of the given strategy, namely digital marketing.will be given knowledge about digital marketing and its implementation starting with Strategy Formulation, understanding consumers, understanding the brand being carried, dealing with business competition, measuring achievement targets

mentee sessions and talk shows with startup CEOs. After the sharing session and talk show activities, follow-up was carried out regarding performance developments and improvements that had previously been planned and carried out. In the last stage of evaluating, the team provides feedback and plans for the next step, at this stage the team conducts a final evaluation of the overall performance. This evaluation is carried out through a group discussion forum. Each Mentree will present their work and share experiences regarding the development of the Mentree startup, the difficulties faced and solutions to overcome these problems. Activities 4,5, and 6 are carried out periodically and are monitored in nature.