Immigration Implements Latest Service Rates: Fully Rupiah Visit Visa Fee, VOA Unchanged

The Directorate General of Immigration issues Circular No. IMI-KU.01.03-0074 related to implementing the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 9/PMK.02/2022 which adjusts the Type and Tariff of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) for Immigration Services on Saturday (15/04/2022). In addition to confirming the entry into force of the new regulations, the circular clarifies the types […]

Provisions and Completeness of Documents for Non-Tourist PPLNs Upon Arrival in Indonesia

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Indonesia made various adjustments in day-to-day business, including health protocols for Overseas Travelers (PPLN). Not only preparing travel documents, PPLN is also required to undergo a series of health checks. The stipulation of the policy of opening Indonesian tourism to foreigners, especially in Bali, also has an impact […]

Passport Application Quota Now Open for One Month Period

After implementing Community Activities Restrictions (PPKM) Levels 3 and 4, which applied in most cities in Indonesia until the fourth quarter of 2021, passport services at immigration offices gradually returned to normal. The number of passport applications then increases, often draining the availability of quotas at many immigration offices. Not all applicants who register at […]


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