Passport Interview Rescheduling Can Be Done After Missing Schedule, These are the Terms

The latest application service from the Directorate General of Immigration, Mobile Passport (M-Passport), offers various features that are not available in its predecessor, the Online Passport Queue Registration Application (APAPO). Not only reducing the duration of face-to-face meetings at the immigration office by uploading documents digitally, but the public can also reschedule interviews and take […]

Worth Continuing to be Developed, Immigration Law Shouldn’t Just Be a Complementary

Studies on immigration law in Indonesia are still very minimal. Law colleges, both public and private, still place immigration law studies as additional, elective, or complementary courses when studying citizenship and population law. There is very little literature that discusses immigration law in detail. In fact, if viewed from a philosophical perspective, both ontologically, epistemologically, […]

The online ban will be issued immediately, law enforcement officials can apply for prevention and deterrence directly

The Directorate General of Immigration disseminated the application of the Online Prevention and Deterrent Application to the Immigration Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) and the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Offices throughout Indonesia on Tuesday (25/01/2022). The meeting, which was held online, was chaired by the directors of the Directorate […]

The M-Passport Application is Ready for Use throughout Indonesia Starting January 27, 2022

The acceleration of the application of digitizing passport services through the Mobile Passport Application (M-Passport) continues to be intensified. The Directorate General of Immigration carried out socialization and trial of M-Passport to 33 Heads of Immigration Divisions, 126 Heads of Immigration Offices, and Immigration Detention Centers throughout Indonesia through virtual meetings on Friday (21/01/2022). This […]


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