Celebrating Hari Santri: UPI’s Commitment to Islamic Values and Education

Amidst an atmosphere of enthusiasm and reverence, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) bore witness to the extraordinary celebration of Hari Santri (Santri Day). This event was made possible through collaboration between the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Family (Keluarga Mahasiswa Nahdlatul Ulama – KMNU) and various Islamic Activity Units (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa – UKM) actively engaged on the campus.

The culmination of this solemn event, held in front of UPI’s rectorate building (ISOLA), marked a tribute and appreciation for the dedication of the santri who have made and continue to make real contributions to the development of Islamic character and the cultivation of educated generations within Indonesian society. The ceremony is a manifestation of acknowledgment for the successors of the santri tradition, who tirelessly pursue knowledge and demonstrate their commitment to both religion and the nation.

The ceremony was led by Rinaldi Supriadi, a lecturer in Arabic Language Education at the Faculty of Language and Literature Education (Fakultas Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra – FPBS) at UPI. In his address, he emphasized, “Education plays a vital role in celebrating Hari Santri. This not only reflects respect for the pivotal role of santri in the history and development of Islam in Indonesia but also underscores the importance of education in nurturing santri as individuals who play active roles in society.”

The presence of the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Family (KMNU) and the Islamic Activity Units at UPI serves as concrete evidence of a strong synergy between the university and student groups actively promoting Islamic values and Arabic language learning. The Islamic Activity Units have provided a platform for students to deepen their understanding of Islam and apply it to their daily lives, while KMNU is a crucial entity that combines the spirit of Islam with education.

Through the celebration of Hari Santri, KMNU and the Islamic Activity Units aim to continually foster the spirit of Islam, advance education in Indonesia, and establish close collaborations to support the growth of Islam and education in the country. Rinaldi Supriadi, M.Pd, serving as the ceremony’s coordinator, symbolizes UPI’s commitment to upholding Islamic values and making Islamic education an integral part of higher education in Indonesia. This ceremony inspires a sense of Islamic spirit and a love for education in Indonesia, thereby making a valuable contribution to UPI and the surrounding community.

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