Chancellor: UPI Always Thinks for the Nation and for Students

This is a good opportunity for cooperation with us. UPI always thinks for the nation and for students so that if this can be put to good use, later we can place and employ UPI graduates quickly and with adequate income.
The statement was made by the Chancellor of the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd., MA, who was accompanied by university leaders when receiving a visit from PT Tchain Digital Innovation South Korea in the context of Exploring Cooperation in the Program for Sending Workers to Korea in the Meeting Room of the Partere Building, UPI Campus, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229 Bandung, Monday (17/10/2022).
“The problem now is that it is necessary to immediately prepare a team that can really translate what we really need to do so that our plan can be realized properly, because if it is only limited to an MoU, it will be nothing. Therefore, every time there is an initiative to build cooperation, it is necessary to form a team to carry out operational activities that can make it happen in real terms,” he said again.
In order to welcome the 68th Anniversary of UPI in 2022, he continued, it is hoped that all programs and policies will run well, including how we spread our wings. This international collaboration is one of my agendas to broaden the scope of work that no longer relies on internal work but tries to open ourselves up to cooperate with various parties which hopefully will change our mindset, change work culture and can build financial support, so that UPI does not only rely on finances that come from students and the government, so this is indeed an opportunity.
He said, “We, the UPI academic community, thank you for visiting PT Tchain Digital Innovation from South Korea. Hopefully the presence of PT Tchain Digital Innovation can give birth to a mutually beneficial collaboration between UPI and PT Tchain Digital Innovation.
Along with the growth of national cooperation, he said, perhaps with South Korea which is increasingly intensive, one of which is of course marked by the increasing presence of industries from Korea to Indonesia, Alhamdulillah UPI is also increasingly concerned and aware in building this collaboration, especially with universities. our colleagues in South Korea.
He emphasized, “UPI currently has a Korean Language Education Study Program and a Center for Korean Studies. On this basis, we have the investment capital to build even more intensive relations with Korea.”
Cooperation with Korean universities, especially related to student exchange, has also been carried out, and hopefully we can expand cooperation with Korean companies so that we can better facilitate the distribution of UPI graduates, to be able to work in industries that are indeed under their control. by the South Korean Government.

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