Company Guarantor Account Brought Agent? Follow This Step

Managing the arrival of foreigners who are invited by the company can be said to be “easy and difficult”. Moreover, if the number of foreigners to be imported is quite large, the company employees who are given the responsibility are generally reluctant to take care of everything themselves. If it’s like this, hiring the services of a visa management agent is often chosen as a way out. While using a vendor agent makes it easy to apply for a visa, there are risks that many employers are not aware of. For example, the company cannot use the guarantor account brought by the agent when the contract is completed. If this is the case, what should I do?

 Head of Sub-Division of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh, explained that the first step the company should take is to contact the information service team of the Directorate General of Immigration. In addition, the guarantor can also contact the Visa Sub-Directorate via E-Mail or Whatsapp Visa Customer Service.

 “Please contact the Live Chat team at and CS Visa (+62821-1376-7654), and write to E-Mail [email protected]. Briefly explain the problem, then say that the company wants to ask for help to change the E-Mail of the visa guarantor account into an E-Mail that is owned and can be monitored by the company directly.”, he said.

 In addition, the guarantor also needs to attach the company identity data, the person in charge’s E-KTP and the company NPWP along with the message or email of the application. If the changes are approved, the guarantor will receive a notification via E-Mail. Only then can the relevant company use their account to make a visa application.

 “For companies that are inviting foreigners to Indonesia for the first time, it is advisable to keep a visa guarantor ID account as a monitored company asset. This will make it easier for the company in the long run,” added Achmad.

 He also reminded that during the Covid-19 pandemic there were several additional requirements that must be met by visa applicants. These requirements include a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, a statement letter willing to comply with health protocols in Indonesia and health insurance.

 “If there is no health insurance, it can be replaced with a statement willing to bear the health costs independently,” he said.

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