On Friday (03/02/2022), the TVUPI team visited IPB TV and TV UI to enhance service and broadcast quality. This visit seeks to impart knowledge gained from both University TV stations. Students from various study programs, who is an intern at TVUPI, participated in this comparative study, including Communication Studies, English Language and Literature, and Indonesian Language and Literature, took part in this comparative study. As well as, TVUPI and UPI Public Relations staff.

The main objective of conducting this comparative study in accordance with Arga Wijaya’s statement as the chief committee is to expand knowledge and experience related to university TV broadcasts. “This comparative research is an information-sharing tool that could improve knowledge and the creative process in the broadcasting areas”

The TVUPI Team received a valuable source of information during this comparative study visit, as stated by one of TVUPI’s staff, Fachmi Maulana, “What is studied is more about the management of human resources, because the difference between IPB TV, TV UI, and TVUPI is the Human Resources (HR) management.” For the IPB TV system, they separate the unit, so the HR does focus on providing information and the image of the university.

Several televisions are managed by the University of Indonesia’s Public Relations Department. There are TV UI managed by study programs, especially the Vocational Study Program and the Communication Studies Study Program, and UI Teve is managed by the University Public Relations. These programmed televisions have several focuses. As for UI Teve, it is more focused on broadcasting ceremonial events. According to Pak Wahyu, the Head of UI Teve, “UI Teve truly wants to learn from TVUPI, which is already capable of managing and broadcasting numerous programs, particularly in the sector of education.” A collaboration program between UI Teve and TVUPI is also planned for that occasion.

The study program at University of Indonesia already manages a wide array of programming on television. UI TV, which is managed by the Vocational Study Program, has even become a revenue-generating and commercial television station. Technically, TVUPI is identical to TV UI, with the exception that TV UI has more platforms in study programs, faculties, and universities, as well as involves more students in the production process. “We at TVUPI have a lot of programming centered on education because it is the cornerstone of UPI, it may be a university image enhancer, so indeed they are very good and we should be able to learn from it,” Fachmi stated.(Anies Rufaida, translate by Nabiilah Prodi B Inggris, Kontributor Humas UPI)

The TVUPI Team is expected to make this venture a learning experience for them in the future. “So that we can use what we’ve learned previously, it can be applied. Additionally, the chancellors should pay more attention to TVUPI so that they may be more productive in providing great content material,” said Kevinadya, Editor-in-chief of the Sekilas Isola program at TVUPI.

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