Kemendikbud Appreciated How Well-organized Darmasiswa RI Scholarship in UPI


On February 27th, UPI welcomed the representatives from Kemendikbud (Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia), Ms. Ayu and Ms. Sherly, to conduct Monitoring & Evaluation  for  Darmasiswa  RI Scholarship students batch 2017/2018 that enroll in BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia  untuk  Penutur  Asing/ Indonesian for Speakers of Other Languages).  This event was held at Ruang Rapat (meeting room) on the 3rd floor of University Centre Building.

Section Head for International Program Implementation, Vidi Sukmayadi S.S., M.Si., hosted the meeting along with BIPA Coordinator from Balai Bahasa, Eka Rahmat Fauzy, S.S. This event was also attended by Darmasiswa students from various countries such as Japan, Canada, Philippine, Azerbaijan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Slovakia, and Thailand and along with International Office staff.


As the program has nearly ended this May, the event was also a means to gather all the students and evaluate the progression of the program as well as to see how well the program has achieved its aims and objectives. Each student was given the questionnaire which contains some questions on what they have gained so far and what can possibly be improved from the program.

Mr. Eka mentioned that Darmasiswa students have achieved excellent result in studying Bahasa Indonesia throughout the first semester. Not only studying Bahasa Indonesia, but they are all now familiar with the traditional textile originating from Java, kain batik, and they also learn traditional dance of West Java in class. Cultural courses are also included in BIPA Program, and the students are expected to acquaint themselves with the art and culture in Indonesia, especially in West Java.

Apart from the learning process in class and academic activities, Darmasiswa students are also involved in outdoor and non-academic activities along with other local students. Those kind of activities are helpful in facilitating them to practice their speaking skill in Bahasa Indonesia as they are blending in with the local students. Ms. Ayu as the coordinator of Darmasiswa RI Scholarship perceived that BIPA Program has done a good job by providing great and amusing activity for Darmasiswa students.

Looking at how well the students have performed and how they are willing to take part and engage themselves with the entire learning process, it has resulted a compliment from Ms. Ayu and Ms. Sherly.

“The success of the program was not because of the Head or the Coordinator only, but it could be achieved with the help from all of you as the students in this university. I am very delighted to know that you all are excited in learning Bahasa Indonesia, the art & culture, and participate in all the programs. I see that it has become a very progressive program in UPI,”

Balai Bahasa and International Office staff hope that this Monitoring & Evaluation for Darmasiswa RI Scholarship in UPI could encourage all of the committees and students to work harder in keeping up the good progress in organizing this program. (Ansi)

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