Directorate General of Immigration Opens 89 Immigration Service Points outside the Immigration Office

The Directorate General of Immigration has opened 89 units for immigration services outside the immigration office. This was conveyed by the Director of Immigration Cooperation Agus Widjaja in the Coordination Meeting on the Implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between the Directorate General of Immigration and Ministries/Agencies, which was held at the Pendopo of the Class, I Immigration Office, Bogor on Friday (3/12/2021).

Agus detailed that the 89 service units are the total number since 2013 until now. Agus said that not all service units were financed by the Directorate General of Immigration, but also collaborates with the local government.

“These 89 service places take various forms, there are Passport Service Units (ULP), Immigration Work Units (UKK) and One-Stop Integrated Services ” (LTSP), he explained.

In addition to collaborating with the local government, the Directorate General of Immigration also works with the private sector to provide space. Several collaborations have been carried out with shopping centers such as malls that are easily accessible to the public.

Agus said the immigration service is currently a public service that still exists during the Covid-19 pandemic. Immigration services, both passports and residence permits, are still open from the Public Service Mall.

“Most recently, a few days ago a Passport Service Unit was opened at Lippo Mall Indonesia, Cibubur Junction, located in East Jakarta,” said Agus.

At the coordination meeting, the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of West Java, the Head of the Immigration Division and the Head of the Immigration Technical Implementation Units in the West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten Regions were also present.