Empowering Indonesian Migrant Workers Through Entrepreneurship Mentorship: A Successful PKM International Initiative

The Community Service Team (PKM) of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, led by Prof. Dr. Hj. Ratih Hurriyati, M.P., has successfully conducted PKM International at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, with the theme “Empowering Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKW) Through Entrepreneurship Mentorship” on June 26, 2023. The event aimed to enhance the competencies and support needed, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship, through the Talent Scouting Academy (TSA) – Master Card Academy Training. The goal was to optimize the business potential of TKWs at the Disability Sports Center in Malaysia and equip them with strong entrepreneurial skills and digital proficiency.

Indonesia’s digital economy potential is considered substantial, but it requires skilled and knowledgeable human resources to materialize. The country’s target for 2024 is to improve Indonesia’s digital competitiveness to rank 45 globally. To achieve this, Indonesia needs to align skill supply with the growing industry demands through collaborations between recruiters/companies, educational service providers, policymakers, and the community.

Mentoring has shown positive impacts on both mentees and mentors and their work environments. According to Forbes (2021), 97% of mentees find mentoring highly beneficial, but only 37% of professionals or entrepreneurs have mentors. However, 89% of those who have been mentored are likely to become mentors in the future (Harvard Business Review, 2015).

The Community Service event was inaugurated by the Director of Postgraduate Studies at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Syihabbudin, M.Pd. It proceeded with the activity report and the first Mentor Masterclass session conducted by Prof. Dr. Hj. Ratih Hurriyati, M.P. Dr. Mokh Adib Sultan, ST., MT, delivered the Young Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing material, while Ratu Dintha IZFS, S.Pd., M.M., covered Cybersecurity.

These materials broadened the perspectives of the TKWs, not only in terms of business but also in their daily activities. Moreover, the outcomes of the PKM activities inspired TKWs to think outside the box, encouraging them not only to work diligently at the Disability Sports Center in Malaysia but also to explore other job opportunities abroad, such as jastip (buying agent) businesses.

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