Enggartiasto Lukita Emphasizes Responsibility and Opportunities for LPDP Scholarship Recipients in Contributing to the Nation’s Development

The Chairman of the Alumni Association of the Indonesia University of Education (IKA UPI), Enggartiasto Lukita, emphasizes the significant responsibility that recipients of the Education Fund Management Agency (LPDP) scholarships from the Ministry of Finance have towards the nation. In his speech at the LPDP Preparation Series event, Enggartiasto reminds the beneficiaries of the educational endowment fund, which is sourced from state finances, that they have a privilege. Not everyone has the opportunity to receive this scholarship. He hopes that this privilege will ignite their motivation and sense of responsibility to contribute back to the country by actively participating in its development.

Enggartiasto further acknowledges the current uncertainties in the business world regarding the absorption of university graduates. Referring to a podcast by a public figure, he mentions that industries now prioritize skills and competencies over having a master’s or doctoral degree. This presents a challenge for LPDP scholarship recipients and other scholarship recipients as well.

Enggartiasto reflects on his own indebtedness to the nation because what he currently enjoys is a privilege granted by the country during his time studying at UPI. He encourages those studying abroad to return and emphasizes that those studying within the country are also expected to contribute their best efforts for the nation. He urges the participants to prove themselves different and to demonstrate their superiority. They should possess systematic thinking and analytical skills that surpass others, striving to become the best sons and daughters of the nation.

As the former Minister of Trade from 2016 to 2019, Enggartiasto recognizes LPDP as the government’s effort to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia. He commends the government’s bold policy decisions in supporting this scholarship program and believes that it is the right step that should be supported. Therefore, he emphasizes that this opportunity must be maximized to its fullest potential.

According to LPDP data, cumulatively from 2013 to 2022, the number of LPDP scholarship recipients reached 35,536 individuals. Approximately 55.7% of them pursued their studies in domestic universities, while 44.3% studied abroad. The majority of those who went overseas for the scholarship studied in Europe (58%), followed by Australia and New Zealand (20.7%), North America (12.2%), Asia (8.6%), and Africa (0.5%).

Enggartiasto’s message and the LPDP Preparation Series are welcomed and supported by the UPI Alumni Association (IKA UPI). As an alumni organization, IKA UPI strongly supports this event as part of alumni empowerment, considering that the participants are UPI alumni and prospective UPI alumni. They are individuals who will continue their studies at UPI or other institutions, both domestically and internationally. Enggartiasto’s closing remarks emphasize the importance of this event as an expression of gratitude to the nation, which has provided funding through the LPDP scholarship. The participants are encouraged to seize this opportunity and begin their contributions to the country early on, even before completing their studies.