Enhancing Social Interaction and Activity through Group Guessing Games: Observations in Early Childhood Education (PAUD)

In response to the observation results conducted by Group 3 of the Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Program at the Faculty of Education (FIP) of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Professor Dr. H. Mubiar, M.Pd., the lecturer of the Social, Emotional, Moral, and Religious Development Strategies course, stated that understanding the symptoms of social-emotional development in a child cannot be solely achieved through theory but requires direct observation of the actual field conditions.

Meanwhile, Group 3, consisting of Afsa Tazkiatunnafs Fathimiyah, Hersi Nurapriani, Nayla Najwa Nugraha, Nisa Millah Nuraliyah, and Zira Rahmawati, expressed that the implementation of guessing games in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) has a significant impact on children’s social interaction and their level of activity. All children showed great enthusiasm and confidence in speaking and guessing the pictures. In this case, the guessing game was able to enhance the children’s social skills and teamwork, as demonstrated by their enthusiasm in participating.

The collaboration among the group members in guessing the pictures, assisting each other, and providing guidance to their peers during the game resulted in 90% of the students in Class B of the PAUD being active and creative. Additionally, when there was one quiet child, the PAUD teacher mentioned that the student had never spoken a word since joining the PAUD but always smiled in any situation. Nevertheless, the child was encouraged to participate, and as a result, the child showed happiness and willingly participated without being prompted.

The observation aimed to provide detailed insights into children’s social development through group play and to understand the implications of the guessing game on children’s social development and interaction with their environment, particularly at school. This observation with the theme “Developing Children’s Socialization Skills at School through Group Guessing Games” took place at PAUD Ade Irma S. Nasution on Jalan Kartika Raya No. 1, Gegerkalong, Kec. Sukasari, Kota Bandung, West Java 40153, on Monday, March 13, 2023.

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