Enhancing UPI’s Presence: Exploring Collaboration with Kompas.com for Amplified Publication and News Coverage

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, UPI’s Public Relations received representatives from Kompas.com’s Digital Sales Vice Director to discuss potential collaboration. The meeting took place via teleconference in the Teleconference room on the first floor of the University Centre at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Kompas.com invited UPI to collaborate on content publication and enhance UPI’s presence. They presented several programs, including Brand Story, Education Highlights, Leaders Insight, Youth Talk, and Rector Speaks. Kompas.com currently utilizes Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube as their publishing platforms due to their high consumption and engagement levels. During the presentation, they highlighted their performance across various platforms, with Instagram showing the highest year-over-year growth rate at 10% with 1,853,623 followers.

The representatives from UPI’s Public Relations responded positively to the meeting. Dr. Yana Setiawan, M.M., the Head of Institutional Relations, represented UPI during the discussion. They inquired about the facilities that Kompas.com could provide to UPI, including training, digital TV, and publication quotas. Kompas.com also offered an opportunity for UPI to engage in Study Tours with their interns in the Public Relations field. Although Study Tours were previously halted due to the pandemic, they have now resumed, and interested institutions can contact Kompas.com’s Public Relations.

The meeting concluded with the hope of establishing a collaboration between UPI and Kompas.com, particularly in the areas of publication and news coverage. Through this symbiotic partnership, UPI’s presence is expected to be further enhanced.

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