Exceptional Teamwork Propels University of Education Indonesia Students to Victory in Prestigious Student Achievement Competition

Nabila and Natasya (2N), representatives from the University of Education Indonesia, are once again competing in the Student Achievement Competition (PILMAPRES). Nabila Sekar Putri, a student from the Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program at FPTK, won first place in the PILMAPRES Bachelor’s category, while Natasya, a student from the Nursing D3 Study Program at FPOK, won first place in the PILMAPRES Diploma category as a representative of LLDIKTI IV to the national level, based on the results of the PILMAPRES regional jury evaluation at the LLDIKTI IV level in 2023.


The LLDIKTI IV PILMAPRES consists of two stages of selection. Stage 1 is the initial selection stage to determine the finalists who will advance to the final stage by submitting administrative documents consisting of: Creative Ideas (CI)/Innovative Products (IP), Outstanding Achievements (OA), and an English video. In this stage, 28 students were selected to advance to Stage 2, the Final PILMAPRES Student Competition (LLDIKTI IV Region) with 16 Bachelor’s and 12 Diploma students. The final selection process consisted of interviews and verification of documents that were submitted at the initial stage, namely Creative Ideas (CI)/Innovative Products (IP), Outstanding Achievements (OA), and an English video, face-to-face with the jury panel for all Bachelor’s and Diploma finalists. 13 student champions were selected for the LLDIKTI IV PILMAPRES Student Competition, consisting of 7 Bachelor’s and 6 Diploma students. The announcement of the winners, who will also be the representatives of LLDIKTI IV in the National PILMAPRES, was made on the same day as the entire selection process.


The achievement of UPI in the LLDIKTI IV PILMAPRES competition is undoubtedly due to the exceptional support, assistance, and prayers from various groups such as the outstanding student supervising lecturers, educators, and UPI education staff, mentors, and of course, the entire UPI academic community. The extraordinary teamwork between two faculties, FPTK and FPOK, led Nabila and Natasya to attain high achievements in the regional PILMAPRES competition.


“I never expected to make it this far, let alone rank first in the LLDIKTI IV PILMAPRES Competition. It was an incredible opportunity to meet the LLDIKTI IV Outstanding Students, who were the best representatives from various state and private universities. I gained so much knowledge and experience, from preparation to the implementation of the event. I would like to express my infinite gratitude to my family, outstanding supervising lecturers, Pendidikan Teknologi Agroindustri program lecturers for their guidance, all FPTK and University of Education Indonesia leaders for their facilities and support, colleagues at PT. Agritama Sinergi Inovasi (AGAVI) with special placement for Netisane, friends, and everyone who has supported me so far. This PILMAPRES activity has opened up opportunities for me to increase my capacity, so that I can spread enthusiasm and usefulness for many people, to harvest outstanding generations in the future. Even though it was tough and tiring, I still gave my best performance because opportunities do not come twice. Keep up the good spirit!!” – Nabila Sekar Putri


“Being an outstanding student is not an easy competition, I never thought I could participate in this competition and get first place at the LLDIKTI IV level. By participating in this competition, I gained a lot of new experiences, meeting people with different mindsets and ways of speaking but still able to unite opinions. I am very proud of my supervising lecturer who accompanied me from the beginning of the selection stage until I won first place in the LLDIKTI IV Outstanding Student competition. I would like to thank all the lecturers who have made the best efforts. My hope is that the younger generation of students at UPI can be motivated to achieve excellence and become outstanding students in the future. Being an outstanding student is not just a competition, but also a means to discover our own capacity and improve our skills. Putting all our energy, thoughts, and time into it will be rewarded with valuable experiences.” – Natasya

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