Feel-Watch: A Beacon of Hope for Mental Health, Forged by Innovative Minds at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

In a resounding testament to the boundless creativity thriving within the student community of the Digital Business Program at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), a remarkable invention has emerged: the Feel-Watch. This ingenious creation, rooted in conscience and humanity, has been crafted in response to the growing prevalence of mental health disorders, particularly anxiety disorders that have gripped an ever-expanding segment of the population. A recent study conducted under the banner of the Indonesia-National Adolescent Mental Health Survey (I-NAMHS, 2022) sheds light on a distressing statistic: a staggering 2.45 million adolescents across Indonesia grapple with mental health disorders, with approximately 3.7% of them wrestling with debilitating anxiety disorders.

In the face of this disquieting reality, the visionary Feel-Watch team has embarked on a mission to harness technology to combat the pernicious grip of anxiety disorders. They have developed a smartwatch application brimming with features designed to serve as an initial screening tool for managing mental health disorders, all while ensuring effortless access to professional guidance and support. The ultimate aspiration is to cultivate a mentally resilient generation that aligns with the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of “Good Health and Well-Being,” thereby contributing to Indonesia’s pursuit of a “golden” future by 2045.

The Feel-Watch saga took flight at the end of 2023 when the team passionately pitched their concept at the Constructive Ideas Video Student Creativity Week competition, hosted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Technology. Their dedication bore fruit as they secured the necessary funding to bring their vision to life. The team envisions Feel-Watch as a vehicle for raising awareness about the critical importance of mental health and as a modest yet sustainable stride toward improving the nation’s well-being.

Feel-Watch stands as a pivotal component of the broader Student Creativity Program. It’s not merely about creating videos; the team has taken it a step further by conducting a thought-provoking social experiment under the banner of “Here for Us.” This experiment unfolded in the heart of Blok M, South Jakarta, on a momentous Tuesday, the 1st of August, 2023. Through this endeavor, the team effectively showcased how simple acts of kindness, such as inscribing compassionate words, can significantly alleviate the emotional burdens of others. The social experiment reached an impressive audience, with 7,861 accounts participating and 8,365 playbacks.

The captivating narrative of this social experiment was deftly curated and shared through Instagram’s Feel-Watch reels, drawing an enthusiastic and encouraging response from the digital community. One netizen, @netriandaa, expressed their fascination, inquiring about the technical nuances of Feel-Watch’s features. Furthermore, one of the experiment’s beneficiaries, an individual targeted during the South Jakarta shoot, conveyed their gratitude through a heartwarming comment. @alysap____ chimed in, “Thanks ya sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Looking to the future, the Feel-Watch team is resolute in its mission to extend a helping hand to all those seeking solace from the clutches of mental health struggles. Their aspirations extend beyond individual assistance, aiming to inspire peers and collaborators to embark on a relentless journey of innovation and change, contributing to a brighter and more positive future through the conduit of business ideas. Feel-Watch has, without a doubt, left an indelible mark on the landscape of mental health advocacy and technological innovation, and its influence is poised to grow ever stronger in the days to come.