IEKI New Student Welcome 2023: Embracing Ethical Values and Knowledge in Islamic Economics and Finance Studies

On Friday, September 8, 2023, the Introduction to the Islamic Economics and Finance Studies Program, known as IEKI New Student Welcome, was held at the 4th-floor Auditorium of FPEB. The event focused on the themes of Ethical, Knowledgeable, and Blessed.

The event commenced at 13:12 WIB and concluded at 16:13, attended by 88 new students of the IEKI program for the year 2023. The program began with the screening of a video profiling IEKI and introducing the IEKI faculty members. Before delving into the substantive sessions, Dr. Jajang Warya Mahri, M.Si., the Founding Father of the IEKI program, delivered a keynote speech.

The substantive sessions were divided into three parts. The first session was conducted by Dr. Aas Nurasyiah, M.Si., who introduced the academic aspects of the IEKI program. Following that, the second session was led by Dr. Hilda Monoarfa, S.E., M.Si., focusing on the ethics and etiquette expected of IEKI students. The final session was presented by Mumuh Muhammad S.E., M.A., who spoke about motivation for success in studying at the IEKI program.

The informational sessions concluded with a performance by IEKI students. Subsequently, a prayer session was led by IEKI students, followed by the closing remarks and a photo session for all new students and faculty members, marking the end of the New Student Welcome program.

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