Implementation of Japan’s In person School System During the Pandemic

Dian Herdiana | Photo : Shutterstock

All countries in the world are still struggling with the problem of a pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus. In early September 2021, several countries finally decided to reopen schools with the implementation of health protocols for the survival of future generations.

Japan is one of them. In an article by Times Japan, Mio Sato, Principal of Funabori Elementary School, one of the largest public elementary schools in Edogawa, Tokyo distributed the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.

Implementation of social distancing, use of masks and hand washing is a must. Quoted from Smart Parenting, a blue tarp stretches across the entrance to expand the shoe changing area, where students take off their shoes to into slippers in the room.

Every morning, students are required to submit their daily temperature records to the teacher. If students forget to do this, take their teacher’s temperature on the spot. The windows stay open for ventilation, be it summer or winter.

Not Easy but Must Do

Class desks are placed 1-meter apart from each other. Each group activity or collaborative group is limited and replaced by individual tasks. Masks must be worn at all times when in school.

Students are also required to stretch their arms to avoid physical contact. Students were instructed to spend time indoors rather than playing between classes to maintain distance and silence.

Students are also prohibited from singing loudly and using flutes or other instruments that involve the mouth. Instead, they had to clap, stomp, and use drums and string instruments only.

This does not mean that everything is easier for teachers and students. “It’s really tiring,” one teacher told the Japan Times.

With a total of 760 students, implementing it is of course not easy. Some elementary school students are also unable to follow the applied rules. Japan has often faced waves of ups and downs of Covid-19 that have seen schools closed and then reopened.

The emergence of many Covid-19 clusters in schools, immediately gave scathing criticism to doctors.

The decline in Covid-19 case in Indonesia in the last few months is significant. This is because the government enforces PPKM (Enforcement of restrictions on community activities) carefully.

With the decrease in the number of cases, in person learning (PTM) in schools is finally allowed but with a number of health requirements. Since some time ago schools have been given permission to conduct PTM.

Unfortunately, after the PTM was implemented, a number of COVID-19 school transmission groups or groups emerged. This case is most common in elementary schools (SD).

Related to this, dr. Adaninggar, an internal medicine specialist, who is also a volunteer for the Covid-19 counselor account @pandemia, gave a strong critique. According to him, if schools are opened and run by PTM, all parties must be really disciplined. Don’t let your child’s life be at stake.


He also asked all parties responsible for PTM’s policies to be completely honest about the conditions on the ground. Not only, at home applying health protocols.

“It’s terrible because there are so many people out there who don’t uphold the principles of honesty, empathy and self-control. Think for yourself. This is the most terrible thing,” he said.

Start school in person, make sure this item is in the child’s bag.

Several schools have started implementing in person schools. Several health protocol requirements are implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Perhaps most parents are worried about sending their children to school. In the current situation, it seems that we have to start adapting to the circumstances, even in terms of the children’s schools. The most important thing is to train and always remember your baby if conditions at school are very different and should be careful. It should not be outside the mask, and keep a distance.

Prepare the following elements in a child’s school bag. Make sure you are always in a bag, before the child goes to school during the pandemic.

  • Changing mask: Children tend to be active and the masks they wear will get dirty or wet easily. Have a spare mask in your bag. Put it in a special clean bag. It would be better to prepare medical masks and cloth masks so that children can use them. A two-ply mask would be good for maximum protection, especially when at school.
  • Hand sanitizer: This item is also very important so that the child can use it at any time. It can be hung on his pants or bag so that children can easily Repeated Word access it and don’t lose it easily. Repeated Word You can also prepare a hand sanitizer that has a cute design and is liked by children.
  • This makes children always excited to use it. This includes a bacterial antiviral spray.

Children’s Personal Needs

  • Drink bottles and supplies: As we know, canteens at schools during the pandemic are not allowed to be opened. For this reason, children must bring their own drinks and food from home. Take into account the duration of the child’s school time. Prepare enough drinks, food and snacks. Do not let children feel hungry and thirsty at school. Remind children to drink or eat away from their friends because they have to take off the mask.
  • Stationary: Furthermore, make sure all children’s stationery is complete in the bag. Starting Incomplete sentence from pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, sharpeners and other equipment. This is so that children do not need to borrow and make a lot of contact.