Inaugurating 39 High Pratama Officials, Menkumham: Detect Information Dissemination as Early as Possible

The Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H. Laoly officially inaugurated 39 Primary Primary Leaders and Main Expert Functional Officers on Friday (22/04/2022). The inauguration ceremony was carried out in a hybrid manner, where the offline inauguration was attended directly by the Menkumham and 13 inauguration participants at Graha Pengayoman Kemenkumham, South Jakarta. Meanwhile, as many as 26 inauguration participants spread across various provinces attended online. In his speech, Yasonna said that the Ministry of Law and Human Rights made various efforts to improve performance in various lines.

“I have given directions to the immigration ranks, I hope this is a directive that must be obeyed and followed properly, so that it can maintain this ministry well. Questions (delivered) regarding visa services and immigration control. Without realizing it, the movement of information with social media is so fast, even small things can go viral. We need that foresight, detection as early as possible. In addition, the Head of the Regional Office and the Head of the Prison must also continue to monitor the available information,” said Yasonna.

In addition, on this occasion the Minister of Law and Human Rights also mentioned efforts to reduce the problem of overcapacity (excess capacity) in prisons. He said that he had submitted a revision to the Draft Law (RUU) on Narcotics through a Working Meeting with Commission III of the DPR RI, Thursday (31/03/2022). He considers that the same treatment of narcotics addicts, narcotics abusers, victims of narcotics abuse with dealers or narcotics dealers creates injustice in their handling. This is also one of the factors of excess capacity in correctional institutions.

“It is not enough for us to just work hard and act appropriately, but we have to be even faster. Speed is an important issue in the midst of world conditions that are still experiencing stagnation. It is hoped that (appointed officials) can contribute, serve the community. It is trusted by the community and the government with officials who have competence, become solutions in their respective work environments and are innovative,” he concluded.

Among the 39 high-ranking officials who were inaugurated, three people now occupy new positions at the Directorate General of Immigration. The position of Secretary of the Directorate General of Immigration is currently occupied by Supartono, SH, MH, the position of Director of Immigration Supervision and Enforcement is occupied by I Nyoman Gede Surya Mataram, SH, MH and the position of Director of Immigration Cooperation is occupied by Drs. Heru Tjondro, MH |Source: Imigration|