Indonesia University of Education: SEA Teacher Batch 3 Students Embrace International Experience

On February 1, 2024, the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) proudly launched the SEA Teacher Batch 3, an internationally recognized initiative encouraging students to participate in the student exchange program. The six selected students, comprising 2 males and 4 females, embark on their scholarly journey to partner universities in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

As a representation of academic excellence and the diversity spirit at UPI, students participating in SEA Teacher Batch 3 were rigorously selected through a competitive process. Muji Pangesti Prihandini from FPMIPA and Trisha Fauzia Zahra from FPIPS will enrich their academic pursuits at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. Additionally, Hilda Nurul Chaerunisa from FPMIPA and Mochammad Aqshal Aziz from FPBS will gain experience at Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Meanwhile, Fatin Nasywa Kirana from FPMIPA and Muhammad Azhar from FPOK will immerse themselves in Central Luzon State University, the Philippines.

A warm welcome from Prof. Didi Sukyadi, Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, reflects UPI’s full support for the academic and cultural development of its students. He emphasized the importance of student mobility as a tangible manifestation of quality and globally-oriented higher education. “We are proud to see our students take bold steps to explore knowledge abroad. They are UPI ambassadors who will imbibe and bring back positive values to our campus,” stated Prof. Didi Sukyadi.

As part of their preparation, SEA Teacher Batch 3 students have received guidance and wise advice on potential challenges they may encounter, such as maintaining food halalness, adhering to religious practices, and adapting to a new environment. Moreover, they were imparted an understanding of the significance of upholding the university’s reputation and fostering mutual support among fellow students.

It is anticipated that the SEA Teacher Batch 3 program will not only mark the pinnacle of academic achievement for the students but also lay the foundation for building a robust international network for UPI. Students are expected to become pioneers in global collaboration and achieve success in various fields, positioning UPI as a leading educational institution embracing the world.

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