Indonesia University of Education Students Triumph in National Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) 2023

Three students from the Computer Science Education Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA) at Indonesia University of Education (UPI) have emerged as the champions of the National Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) 2023 in the Digital Technology Innovation Division. The team, named Txt, underwent the final selection process from Wednesday, 5th July 2023, until Thursday, 6th July 2023, held in the Smart Class room on the 3rd floor of the FPTK UPI building (5/7/2023).

Led by Nugraha Adiputra, the Txt team consisted of Galih Lazuardi Nursyahbana, Wendi Kardian, and Mohammad Guntur Nugraha, with guidance from their mentor, Mr. Erlangga, S.Kom, M.T, a lecturer in the Computer Science Education Program at FPMIPA UPI. The team developed an innovation called OPENLIT, presented in the form of an application designed to facilitate reading for the public anytime and anywhere.

Explaining the team’s strategy, Mr. Erlangga, S.Kom, M.T, shared that Txt’s success in reaching the final was attributed to their incentive-driven guidance and the collection of ideas from the students. He also facilitated and reviewed the content presented by the team. As a result, the team consistently received feedback that they had advanced to the final round. Subsequently, they continued their development by evaluating the prototype product and conducting simulations.

The Txt team aspires that their creation will not only be beneficial during the competition but will also be of practical use for those in need and other users. They hope their work will have a lasting impact and provide broad benefits. As hosts of LIDM, the Txt team remained optimistic throughout the competition, despite their limited experience.

Their developed innovation, Openlit, is an intelligence activity-based website that provides categorized literature as a means to encourage reading motivation among the Indonesian public. The team hopes that Openlit will make it easier for Indonesians to read wherever and whenever they desire.

The preparation process for the Txt team took approximately 2 months, starting from ideation to creating the video and designing the system. For them, the most challenging part was finding the initial idea and developing it. Hence, the team conducted research and sought guidance from their mentor. The Txt team from Indonesia University of Education demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm in developing their digital innovation. They aspire to make a tangible positive impact on Indonesian society.

Referring to the LIDM 2023 Guidelines, the competition in the Digital Technology Innovation Division aimed to assist educators in performing administrative tasks and managing distance learning. Additionally, the competition in this division focused on the development of digital technology innovations in educational management and administration systems, as well as innovative information systems and technology in classical learning.