The Indonesian Education University Tasikmalaya Campus organizes an international webinar through collaboration between dance laboratory assistants and D’Krest student activity units with the aim of joint education with several Indonesian Schools Abroad and the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia as well as supporting the realization of international recognition as well as the hope to make a contribution that supports UPI in the future and as a form of effort to promote Indonesian national culture. The activity was held on Thursday (23/06/2022) at 07.00 WIB until it was finished through a zoom meeting and was attended by 513 participants from various parts of the archipelago.

The “Echo Nusantara” International webinar was initiated and opened by the Director of the UPI Directorate of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. H. Suwatno, M.Si and continued by the Dean of FPSD Dr. Zakaria S. Soeteja, M.Sn as keynote speaker. The activity continued with the delivery of material by 9 speakers including Prof. Dr. H. Nandang Rusmana, M.Pd (Traditional Games), Dr. Raharjo, S.Sn., MM (Gamelan), Suharno, M.Sn (Wayang), Dr.Drs. Widodo Ariwibowo, M.Sos (Keris), Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo (Sundanese Dance), Yadi Mulyadi, S.Pd, M.Sn. (Angklung), Djuniarwati, M.Si (Batik), Badrus Sholeh, MA, Ph.D (Values of tolerance for religious diversity in Indonesia) as Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh 2021-2024 and Rosarina Giyartini, M.Pd (Media Learning) who is also responsible for being the chief executive is also the main director of this activity.

In addition to lectures, this activity was also interspersed with traditional game-based dance performances from UPI Tasikmalaya and UPI Sumedang Campus students including the Kaulinan Barudak oray-orayan dance & jengkol perepet by Annisa Apriliani (dance laboratory coordinator), Alfiyah Maulani (chairman of D ‘Krest), Sifa Hilmia, Laela Nurfauziah, Susanti, Resah (alumni) under the guidance of Rosarina Giyartini, M.Pd with the help of MUA and costume stylists from Himtarius ISBI Bandung. The activity was continued with a discussion session with students covering the topics discussed and their implementation in learning, especially in elementary schools and PAUD.

At the end of the activity, a sharing session was also held by teachers from Indonesian Overseas Schools. It was started by Dede Nugraha Kurniawan, S.Pd. (Sekolah Indonesia Davao, Philippines) as the main party in this international collaboration, and continued by Retno Uly Nevyanti, S.Pd (SD Plus Hang Tuah 4 Jakarta, Indonesia) who is also an alumni of UPI Tasikmalaya Campus as well as an activist for Learning Houses, Drs. M. Dadang Soleh, MA (Indonesian School Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Aan Mulyani, S.Pd (Indonesian School Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Aji Permana S., S.Sn (Singapore Indonesian School), and Thubany Amas, S. Pd., Gr. (School Indonesia Bangkok, Thailand). The activity ended with a second discussion session with participants both online and offline. The webinar activity that was carried out went smoothly from beginning to end thanks to the coordination of Qikha Maulidia as the chief technical executive, committee, and other parties involved. (Aviva Ayuningtias, UPI Tasikmalaya campus)