UPI Paid a Visit to Telkom University at Joint Class Program

Being dedicated to have educational partnership in the future, Telkom University conducted “Joint Class Program on Research Method” with Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar, a lecturer of master-doctoral program and founder of 4G LTE in Indonesia on Wednesday, February 21th 2018 in Pascasarjana (Postgraduate) Auditorium.

Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar graduated from ITB Bandung to have his bachelor’s degree in 2000. He also reached his Master and Doctoral degree in Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. Even though he enjoyed his learning at Japan, Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar is very dedicated to Indonesia as he is the founder of 4G LTE which makes the country enhanced its advanced technology’s development.

To familiarize International Students of UPI and Telkom University with high-quality scientific research, Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar lectured the participants in the Auditorium also with the importance of technology as economic growth in the country and future trends or problem (prediction).

Prof. Dr. Khairul Anwar also talked about future trends in Indonesia like 5G-7G that is about to be implemented in Indonesia in 2022. Telkom University has research center for research development included 5G matters. Not only about 5G, he also shared about global economic and demographic shift, urbanization, rise of machines or technology, and resource scarcity like water crisis in 2050.

“It is a very good initiative between UPI and Telkom. I hope we can enhance our friendship, and UPI can invite Telkom students to UPI,” said Mr. Abu, The head of Office of International Students and Relations UPI when he is invited to give welcoming speech.

After the short-program, International students of UPI and OIER went to Glamour Camping in Ciwidey, Bandung to enjoy the beautiful view of nature along with the cold temperature of Bandung. They also visited a traditional fruit store to buy Strawberry as their take-home light meal or snacks. (Raden)