Chairman of the National Commission for Disabilities: UPI Disability Friendly Campus

The chairman of the National Commission for Disabilities (bottom-left) takes a photo with UPI leaders

The chairman of the National Commission for Disabilities (KND), Dante Rigmalia, called UPI a disabled-friendly campus. “UPI is a campus that strongly agrees to implement a campus that is friendly to people with disabilities,” he said in an interview after an audience with the UPI Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Didi Sukyadi, MA, accompanied by a number of UPI leaders on Wednesday (11/05/2022).

This statement follows UPI as a campus that is open to people with disabilities. Here with all the accommodation and facilities provided. “Among them have accepted many people with disabilities in them, in various study programs,” he added.

Disability-friendly campuses are part of inclusive education. Dante expressed the importance of this, “Because inclusive education means that we hold a philosophy of education that respects, respects the diversity of each student,” he added.

In line with this statement, Prof. Didi emphasized the importance of inclusive education to be applied to every university. Especially at UPI, Prof. Didi admitted that inclusive education has been implemented for a long time, “The UPI policy has not changed that UPI is an inclusive campus.”

However, Prof. Didi admits that UPI still has many shortcomings. Mainly related to supporting facilities which are still limited. “Not all buildings are designed to facilitate friends with disabilities, because there are old buildings like Partere,” he explained.

On the other hand, UPI is committed to continuing to provide facilities that accommodate persons with disabilities. This commitment is also supported by the fulfillment of international accreditation. “That’s what they (accreditation agencies) are most concerned about is how we facilitate our friends from disabilities, he concluded.”

As an inclusive campus, the Director of the UPI Directorate of Education, Dr. rer. grout. Asep Supriatna, M.Sc., added that UPI accepts students in any study program. “And we also accept various paths with disabilities from any path. If possible, from SNMPTN, SBMPTN, Independent Selection, Special Achievements, even cooperation,” he concluded.

The hearing was conducted in the context of a working visit to KND for institutional development and to see good practices of inclusive education at UPI. The Director of the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Deputy Deans, and the Head of the Facilities and Infrastructure Bureau were also present in person along with KND members and staff. (Kevinadya & Cici Aprianti. Ed. HN)

The chairman of the National Commission for Disabilities (left) gives a commemorative plaque to the Director of the UPI Directorate of Education (right).
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