KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang – Developing Countries Partnership) program is a scholarship program provided by the Indonesian government to friendly countries since 1993. This program is Indonesian government’s concern as one of the founding fathers of Gerakan Non Blok (Non Aligned Movement) in order to contribute in the development of human resources quality in the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) countries. Starting 2002, KNB scholarship program has been offered to as many as 40 countries from different parts of the world such as Thailand, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Palestine, Ghana, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, and Vanuatu.

In addition, the scholarship aims to promote cultural understanding and strengthen relationship between developing countries. Studying at reputable universities in Indonesia, KNB scholars will have opportunities to experience first-hand living in this diverse, interesting multi-ethnic nation. Together with academic competence gained during the study, the scholars are expected to build networks of local and international partners based on cultural understanding to enhance mutual benefits. In support of Indonesian universities’ internationalization and growing interests from international communities, KNB increases its number of awardees each year.

KNB scholarship is offered for bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees at 23 college partners in Indonesia. Each university offers majors or study programs according to its specification and availability, ranging from sciences, engineering, social sciences, to arts and humanities. The duration of KNB scholarship for a bachelor degree is maximum four years, while a master degree is three years and a doctoral degree is four years. However, it is compulsory that successful applicants take Bahasa Indonesia course in their first year (between three to six months) as Bahasa Indonesia is the official language in Indonesia, and very likely in many subjects at the Indonesian university of their choice.

Earning rank # 251-300 in QS Star by Subject in Education in 2021, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia or UPI has a long-standing reputation as one the best universities in Indonesia to offer educational subjects. Nevertheless, it also is proud of growing achievements in basic and applied sciences of other disciplines. International KNB applicants can apply at School of Postgraduate at UPI of the following established study programs:

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At UPI, international students will enjoy many benefits. UPI provides excellent academic and non-academic support systems which enable international students to study well and be cared for. The Directorate of International Affairs at UPI is ready to assist any international student to adjust living and studying in Indonesia, most specifically Bandung. The university lies in Bandung, the capital of West Java province. Its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere will certainly make anyone at home. UPI is strategically situated -close enough to access the business region, but so nearby the peacefulness of the rural area.  Should anyone be interested in applying for other subjects in School of Postgraduate at UPI, they are encouraged to contact the particular school to see if there are openings for international applicants.

Each KNB scholar will receive monthly allowance paid by Indonesian National Ministry of Education through the transfer to the university where the student learns. In UPI, after receiving the money, the university delivers the money to every international student participating in KNB scholarship through the Directorate of International Affairs (DIA). The monthly allowance includes living expenses, research fund, and book allowance.

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