Koku Footwear Founder Shares Successful Entrepreneurship Strategies and Tips at Creative Economy Start-Up Training

Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin, the owner and founder of Koku Footwear, shared valuable insights and success tips in entrepreneurship during the Creative Economy Start-Up Training Batch 3, specifically focusing on the category of Fashion and Design-based Creative Economy. The event was organized by Up Incubator UPI under the coordination of the Directorate of Innovation and University Centers of Excellence (22/5/2023). The training took place at the Center of Excellence (COE) Building, 4th Floor, on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin completed his Bachelor’s degree (S1) in English Literature at Universitas Kristen Maranatha in 2003 and earned his Master’s degree (S2) in English Language Education at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in 2007. He has achieved several accolades, including ranking 1st Winner of Brincubator 2023 with specializations in Men’s handmade shoemaking, Digital marketing strategist, Meta/Facebook Advertising, and Content & Copywriting.

During the training session, Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin shared his experiences in developing Koku Footwear, a local fashion brand that offers handmade leather boots for adventures, off-road activities, and casual wear. He founded the business in 2010 and has seen an average annual revenue increase of 50 to 70%, currently in the process of scaling up the business.

In the initial stages of his entrepreneurial journey, Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin faced challenges, such as difficulty finding comfortable and durable leather shoes at reasonable prices, limited distribution of high-quality handmade leather shoes in major cities, and a shift in trends leading to a decline in the quality of handmade leather shoes.

To the training participants, Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin shared his strategies for survival, growth, and development. He emphasized the importance of providing a diverse range of high-quality handmade leather shoe products through mass production, expanding distribution channels to major cities, and preserving the traditional shoemaking techniques of Cibaduyut.

Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin explained Koku Footwear’s three target markets: 20% of men aged 22-35 across Indonesia who enjoy outdoor activities, 40% of men and women aged 18-55 across Indonesia in need of shoes for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and 40% of men aged 18-55 across Indonesia in need of shoes for specific non-outdoor activities, such as fashion needs.

To reach a broader audience in the current era, Mochamad Indra Yusuf Wahyudin developed digital marketing strategies, including Facebook and Google Ads, SEO and Social Media Optimization, Marketplace Optimization (Tokopedia, Shopee & Lazada), TikTok Shop, Affiliate Marketing, Offline Marketing – User Experience, Getting customers at the official outlet in Bandung, and participating in exhibitions.

Beyond the financial benefits, Koku Footwear has also created a positive social impact by improving the quality of handmade leather shoes in Cibaduyut, enhancing the well-being of leather shoemakers in Cibaduyut, and contributing to the regeneration of the shoemaking community in the area.

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