KOMPOR UPI Robotics Team Shines in Indonesia Robot Contest 2023 Regional Competition

The Robotics Community of Students Interested in Automation and Robotics at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (KOMPOR UPI) participated in three divisions of the KRI 2023 event, namely the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRAI), the Thematic Robot Contest of Indonesia (KRTMI), and the Indonesian Search and Rescue Robot Contest (KRSRI).

The KOMPOR UPI Robotics Team successfully secured the 1st place in the Regional Division of the Thematic Robot Contest of Indonesia (KRTMI).

The Student Activity Unit (UKM) KOMPOR UPI, consisting of students passionate about automation and robotics, participated in the regional level of the Indonesian Robot Contest 2023, which took place from May 28th to June 3rd, 2023, involving universities from all across Indonesia.

The KRTMI team from KOMPOR UPI, named ISOTRON, led by Nana Wartana (2008167), a student of Electrical Engineering, was supported by three members: Robby Ikhfa Nulfatwa (1901354), a student of Electrical Engineering Education, Azka Aulia Hanifah (2002964), a student of Electrical Engineering, and Dini Siti Nurmahmudah (2003819), a student of Electrical Engineering.

The team’s composition included Nana as the mechanic, Robby as the software specialist, and Azka and Dini as the hardware experts.

This victory is a collective achievement for the KOMPOR UPI Robotics Team and also serves as a major gateway for them to advance to the National Indonesian Robot Contest.

UKM KOMPOR UPI expresses gratitude to all parties who supported the Indonesian Robot Contest at the regional level.

It is hoped that in the upcoming National KRI 2023, the KOMPOR UPI Robotics Team will deliver outstanding results, not only for UKM KOMPOR UPI but also for Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Regarding the KRTMI 2023 theme, it revolves around Digital Twin, a fundamental component of Industry 4.0. In KRI 2023, the Thematic Robot Contest of Indonesia shares the same theme as in 2021 and 2022, namely Robo Game – DIGITAL TWIN, featuring a more complex gameplay inspired by assembly processes in the manufacturing industry.