Korean Language Education Students Win Back International Champions

Agnes Michelle Liu 2008011 won 1st place in the foreigner category in international competence The 26th K-Speech World Contest at Masan Culture Center, South Korea on October 1, 2022. The 26th K-Speech World Contest organized by The Association of Korea Speech Eloquence is an oration competition that provides a forum for students to channel their public speaking skills. This competition is an international oration competition in Korean language which is participated by several countries including, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and others. Agnes is the only representative from Indonesia who previously won the national competency level 20th K-Speech Indonesia Contest held at the University of Education Indonesia on September 3, 2022. Agnes managed to get trophies and certificates of international awards. Hopefully this achievement can trigger the enthusiasm and motivation of other PBK students to study and achieve achievements at national and international levels. (Text & Photo: Korean Language Education, FPBS)