“Mager” Workshop as Early Training for the Film & Television Industry

What is the workshop “Mager” about and when and where was it held? Who are the organizers and who are the target participants? Who are the speakers and what did they talk about? What activities were included in the event and how did the participants respond? What is the opinion of the organizers and what are their hopes for the future events?

The workshop “Mager” is a seminar workshop on Journalism, Photography, and Videography organized by the Film and Television Student Association at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). The event was held on Thursday, March 9, 2023, at the amphitheater of UPI. The workshop is open to the public, and it was attended by students, high school students, and individuals who are interested in Journalism, Photography, and Videography.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Indonesian Television Journalists Association and the Film and Television program of the Faculty of Arts and Design at UPI. The event included various activities such as photography contests, news reporting, and essay criticism, which are geared towards high school students who wish to develop their interests and talents in the field of Film and Television.

The workshop “Mager” featured competent speakers in the field of Journalism. The event was attended by Iqwan Sabba Romli, the Chairman of the Indonesian Television Journalists Association in West Java, who shared his personal experiences as a journalist to motivate the audience to develop their skills. He also discussed the importance of ethics and rules that are relevant to the field of Journalism.

The second speaker was Triesela Wulandari, a reporter for Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) in West Java. She engaged the audience in interactive activities such as learning intonation in reading news scripts, Q&A sessions on Journalism, and practicing as a reporter reporting news on television.
The event also included prizes for participants who were brave enough to read selected news stories on stage with Triesela Wulandari. The participants responded positively to the activities, and many of them took notes on the importance of modernization in Journalism and the experiences of journalists.
The organizers, led by Faisal Afif, the chairman of the event, expressed their satisfaction with the successful outcome of the workshop. They believed that the event was beneficial to the participants, and they hoped that there would be more events like this in the future to help improve the skills of students and the public in the field of Journalism, Photography, and Videography.

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