Malang Immigration Introduces “Eazy Intal” Service for International Students

MALANG – International students in the Malang area and its surroundings can now access the “Eazy Intal” stay permit service, launched by the Malang Immigration Office on Thursday (09/07/2023) at the State University of Malang, East Java. The launch was also attended by the Director-General of Immigration, Silmy Karim.

Eazy Intal is a service model for stay permits where immigration officers go to the applicant’s location. In this case, officers from the Malang Immigration Office visited the State University of Malang to provide stay permit services to international students.

“For now, the Eazy Intal service can only be requested by universities that have an International Office, such as UNM,” explained the Head of the Malang Class I Immigration Office, Galih Priya Kartika Perdhana, during the event.

To access the Eazy Intal service, the International Office of the university can submit a request through Forecast Karmila (Integrated Foreigner Chat Services of the Malang Immigration Office) at the number 081252793234. Immigration officers will then come to collect biometric data.

“Applicants and guarantors do not need to come back and forth to the Immigration Office,” Galih added.

The introduction of the Eazy Intal service has been well-received by the Director-General of Immigration, Silmy Karim. This innovation reflects the spirit of the Malang Immigration Office to improve the quality of public services, especially in immigration permits.

“I appreciate this innovation because it makes the stay permit process quick, easy, and affordable, which is an indicator of quality public service,” said Silmy.

Silmy further added that Eazy Intal could be a solution for universities with international students and an international office to facilitate immigration permit administration.

“This is our commitment to realizing high-quality public services,” Silmy concluded.