Malaysian Exchange Students return earlier to their home country because of COVID-19

Bandung, UPI

The existence of the covid-19 pandemic had an influence on the teaching and learning process at UPI. Student exchange program carried out at UPI are also affected. A number of Malaysian students were asked to be discharge early due to this outbreak. In accordance with an application letter issued by Malaysian Embassy for Indonesian on March 23, 2020. The return of these exchange students is a manifestation of the responsibility of the Malaysian and Indonesia governments in the safety and health of their students participating in this exchange program. Teaching and learning activities that are adopted to online enable them to continue learning activities without direct interaction. They can still do this learning process in their home country.

According to a letter issued by Head of OIER (Office of International Education and Relations), Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D. the number of students returned to Malaysia are 12 student, namely: 1) Ain Syafia Qutraenie Binti Alwi; 2) Anith Alawiyah Bint Daud Daud; 3) Nur Azren Binti Zulkifli; 4) Nur Maisatah Binti Jamaludin; 5) Nur Azirah Binti Hamdan; 6) Nufariesha Binti Mohd Zahuri; 7) Patricia Lua Any Child; 8) Sharifah Saleeha Binti Rosli; 9) Farra Ezzety Rosliza; 10) Abdul Rahim Ramli; 11) Liyana Khairunnisa Binti Syamsuri; 12) Hafiz Ruzain Bin Syamsuri.

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