Management cluster received international accreditation from AQAS

Bandung, UPI

Accreditation for an institution is important because it can become an institution’s quality standards. After several months of visitation from the Agency for Quality Assurance through The Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS), Germany, Management Study Program for undergraduate, Office Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Education, and Management Study Program for master and doctoral level, finally received good news. the Management Cluster officially received international accreditation. In fact, the evaluation and report results received by the accreditation commission, AQAS said that it is easy to achieve positive assessment results for the Manajamen Cluster.

Obviously achieving international accreditation is a matter of pride, not only for the Management Cluster, but also for the entire UPI family. This can be a motivation for other study programs to be accredited internationally. International program accreditation is a quality improvement tool. External reviews from experts outside the national tertiary education system can provide valuable guidance and input. Thus, the focus is on improving quality and developing further programs. This can be started as a strategic tool by university management or can be motivated by individual institutions or program coordinators.

After this announcement, the Management Cluster will receive certificates digitally sent and visits of certificates and awards handover. Hopefully, more study programs at UPI will achieve international accreditation in the future.

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