Meet the Interns of OIER

Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) manages and maintain UPI’s Internationalization programs. OIER is mandated to provide assistance to faculty members, staffs, International and Indonesian students in handling their academic-related matters, include immigration procedures.

OIER also provides internship program every year to let college students experience how OIER operates in dealing with international program and partnership development. On Thursday February 1st, this year OIER held a welcoming remarks for the interns from two universities in Bandung which are Widyatama University and UPI. The class of 2018’s Interns are Wenny Zahwa Nurani from Management study program of Widyatama University and Febri Dwi Putra, Cut Ansi Faradhiba, and Raden Nur Prasetyo are from English Language and Literature Study Program of UPI. Each newly welcomed member is obligated as assistant with various responsibility.


The internship program will last for seventy days. Hopefully the interns may understand about working as professionals and experience various jobs for example translator, content creator, copywriter, and field of journalism. For you who would like to apply yourself as intern here, please do not hesitate to contact our staff/s for details.

“Welcome to Office of International Education and Relations UPI,” said Mr. Abu, the Head of OIER UPI. (Raden)