Mozaic Resurfaces at MOKA-KU UPI 2023 Showcasing Student Potential and Values

Bandung, UPI – The implementation of MOKA-KU UPI 2023 took place over four days from August 28 to 31, 2023, under the theme “Campus Education Initiative as a Manifestation of the Nation’s Character Values.” After a three-year hiatus, on the third day of MOKA-KU, the organizing committee successfully reintroduced the Mozaic activity, held at the UPI Stadium Field. The purpose of including Mozaic in MOKA-KU UPI 2023 was for the committee to demonstrate to the community that UPI’s new students and academic community have potential and excellence. “We hope this will become an annual agenda that continues to evolve into something even more extraordinary. In this Mozaic activity, we also aim to convey important messages through the meanings represented by these Mozaic patterns,” said Syafiq Akbar, the person in charge of creating the Mozaic this year.

Mozaic formation, also known as paper mob, is an activity where new students create specific patterns by lifting Mozaic paper following predetermined color codes. The patterns or images formed can be clearly seen from above when photographed from the air. Here are the Mozaic patterns created by new students, consisting of the colors red, white, yellow, and black: