Nadhiva Nada Labschool Students UPI Win The Champion of Miss Indonesian Children In 2022

UPI Pilot Laboratory (Labschool) students again achieved achievements in the Miss Teenager and Miss Little Indonesia events in 2022. The event was held in Jakarta on 15-17 July 2022. As stated by the Head of the School Organizing Body Labschool UPI, Dr. Prayoga Bestari, M.Si that Nadhiva won the Miss Little Indonesia championship. Nadhiva won an award in the Miss Little Indonesia Friendship category. Nadhiva is a grade 6 student of the bilingual SD Labschool UPI Campus in the Cibiru area, representing West Java.
In this event, the categories that are contested are the Intelligence category, the Gifted Category, The Grown Category, the Friendship Category and the last one is Miss Little Favorite. This achievement is certainly proud of the Indonesian Education University, especially the UPI Labschool which some time ago also won achievements in different events. It is hoped that with this achievement, it can further increase the spirit of achievement of the academic community in the UPI environment. (HS)