Passport Application Quota Now Open for One Month Period

After implementing Community Activities Restrictions (PPKM) Levels 3 and 4, which applied in most cities in Indonesia until the fourth quarter of 2021, passport services at immigration offices gradually returned to normal. The number of passport applications then increases, often draining the availability of quotas at many immigration offices. Not all applicants who register at the quota renewal can fetch it.

According to the Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Immigration (DGI), Achmad Nur Saleh, this situation needs to find a solution.

“The DGI has issued a new policy regarding implementing the M-Paspor. If previously the passport application quota was opened every Friday at 14.00 WIB for the next one week period, now the passport application quota is opened for the next one month. The M-Paspor quota setting is carried out on a working day at the end of the month at 09.00 WIB,” he said.

The opening of the M-Paspor quota will also consider national holidays and peak season. Thus, it is hoped that immigration offices can adjust the number of M-Paspor allocations when approaching specific times or periods where Indonesian people’s mobility level is usually higher.

“In addition, the passport application quota is also still available in the Online Passport Queue Registration Application (APAPO) with a percentage of 20% of the total quota provided by each immigration office. Meanwhile, as much as 80% is allocated in the M-Paspor,” continued Achmad.

The availability of a queue quota at APAPO is anticipation for applicants who want to apply for their passport other than at the immigration office, such as at the Immigration Work Unit (UKK), Passport Service Unit (ULP), and Public Service Mall (MPP). The allocation of passport application quotas for those places on the M-Paspor app system is in progress.

“The quota for passport applications at APAPO can be accessed by people who still have APAPO installed on their devices. For applicants who do not have APAPO, please apply for a passport via M-Paspor, because currently, the APAPO app is no longer available on the Appstore/Playstore,” concluded Achmad.

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