Peek at the Cooperation between UPI and Ibaraki Prefecture-Japan

One of the activities of UPI and Ibaraki Prefecture, as a manifestation of the cooperation that has been initiated (See: “Peeking at the Cooperation between UPI and Ibaraki Prefecture – Japan” : December 2, 2020) is to hold a public lecture on June 16, 2022 online. The topic that was brought up was about “HoRenSo”, namely Japanese work culture that Japanese language students at UPI should know in particular, and I believe this understanding of HoRenSo is also useful for policy makers in various institutions in this country. HoRenSo is an acronym, an abbreviation of Hokoku (Reporting), Renraku (Informing), and Sodan (Consulting). A brief explanation of the importance of HoRenSo in Japanese business can be read in This activity has been published in a Japanese newspaper with the title “留学・就職希望の学生受講 (General Lecture for Students who are interested in Further Study abroad and Work (in Japan). In addition, Ibaraki Prefecture is located in the Kanto region, approximately 30 kilometers from downtown Tokyo, the climate is warm, and it is popular as a comfortable place to live. Many foreign nationals (including Indonesians) live there, and the area is even under construction. international metropolitan area. There are many agricultural, fishery, and manufacturing areas that are growing rapidly. In addition, there are also many promising SMEs.

It should be explained that this public lecture is a collaboration between UPI and Ibaraki, which in its implementation is a collaboration between Ibaraki Prefecture ( Ibaraki Prefecture Foreign Support Cooperation Division) with Mito College of Industrial Technology – Ibaraki a general lecture, namely students of the Department of Japanese Language Education UPI and Japanese students studying at the university. They followed him with great enthusiasm. Apart from students, students from other relevant universities were also present.

In the lecture, explained Masanori Ouchi (58), who has been in the wholesale fishery business in Hitachinaka City, he gave a lecture on the outline of the domestic fishing industry and the image of human resources needed by Japanese companies. After explaining the importance of HoRenSo in Japanese work culture, a group discussion was continued between the participants, as a manifestation of understanding the HoRenSo concept.

The topic he raised was in the application of HORenSo in company management in order to reduce damage when problems or errors occur. UPI student Mohammed Salman (19), a first-year student at Japan’s Doshisha University, who attended the public lecture stated ““I’m thinking about studying abroad or looking for a job in Japan. I want to take advantage of the content of this lecture and do my best.”

As a sign of the seriousness of the Ibaraki Prefecture, in particular the Ibaraki Mito Institute of Technology – Ibaraki will come to UPI in August. The planned activities revolve around discussing the benefits of studying at the university and the existence of job opportunities in the IT sector in Ibaraki, followed by a meeting with the lecturers of the UPI Japanese Language Education Department (UPI Public Relations Contributor/Ahmad Dahidi).