Prime! Depdiksatrasia FPBS UPI Releases Students to Join MBKM Mandiri Program

The Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program at the Faculty of Language and Literature Education at UPI held a student release event for the Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program independently for the first time last Thursday (16/2/23). The release event was attended by the Vice Dean 1, the Head of the study program, and several lecturers at the Auditorium of the Faculty.

The event began with a speech from the Head of the study program, Dr. Khaerudin Kurniawan, M.Pd. In his speech, Khaerudin stated that the independent MBKM program of the study program shows the readiness of the program in implementing the policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture. At the Ministry level, there are MBKM and Campus Teaching programs, at the university level, there is the P3K program, and at the study program level, they facilitate students to participate in MBKM activities provided by partners.

The study program’s MBKM program provides four choices: Journalism, BIPA, Literature, and Literacy. The lecturers will guide the students academically on campus to fulfill 20 credits or 5 courses related to the MBKM.

The event continued with a speech and release of the MBKM students by the Vice Dean 1, Dr. Yulianeta, M.Pd. She emphasized, “The study program creates an independent MBKM program with the hope of providing preparation for students according to their interests. The MBKM selected by the students has been approved by the Head of the study program, known by academic supervisors, and the implementation of activities is reported independently once the MBKM is completed with the aim that the program can be included as an achievement in the key performance index of the study program and the university. This program is carried out as best as possible according to the ability of the program. And do not forget to document the activities that will be carried out by the students during the MBKM program.”

The implementation of the MBKM program by the study program is not only a form of policy implementation from the Ministry of Education and Culture but also a form of encouragement for students to master various fields of knowledge and work practices as preparation for entering the workforce. Therefore, academic supervisors hope that in the future, students will benefit and gain experiences in line with learning through study program partnerships. The event ended with a prayer and a group photo.

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