QR Code Proof of M-Passport Payment Can Substitute Cover Letter from the Immigration Office If the Applicant is Natural.

Submitting a passport application using the M-Passport Application allows the public to undergo part of the online application process. After filling in the data, uploading a scan/photo of the document and selecting an interview schedule at the immigration office, the applicant will be directed to the payment billing code page. After the payment is made, a QR Code will appear and the page will turn green. If this is the case, the applicant needs to download the Immigration Office Cover Letter by clicking the download button listed. However, what should be done if the cover letter cannot be downloaded to the applicant’s smartphone?

“In addition to applicants, Kanim’s Cover Letter is also entered into the system at the immigration office. However, some applicants are unable to download cover letters to their smartphones. If you experience this, you can use the QR Code for Proof of Payment in the M-Passport Application as a substitute to show it at the immigration office,” said Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh.

The download button for the Immigration Office Cover Letter will appear on the QR Code Proof of Payment page in the M-Passport Application. The letter includes the applicant’s full name, QR Code, application number, interview location and the date and time of the interview.

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“We urge people who apply for a passport to carefully read the Immigration Office Cover Letter downloaded from the M-Passport Application, there are also terms and conditions ( terms and conditions). The information includes, among others, the arrival procedures, documents, rescheduling and the reasons for the rejection of the passport,” said Achmad.

Some of the reasons for the rejection of the passport in question are that the applicant is included in the list of prevention and deterrence, is indicated as a candidate for Non-Procedural Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), indicated to provide data/information that is not true and other things that officers consider to be used for unlawful purposes. .

He added, for applicants who have difficulty downloading a cover letter and want to make sure the schedule for their arrival in the system is appropriate, they can contact Live Chat at www.imigration.go.id on working days and hours. |Source: Imigrasi|