SEA-Teacher participants from Thailand and Philippine Visiting Kawah Putih and Glamping

Bandung, February 3rd

Four SEA-Teacher participants from Thailand and nine SEA-Teacher participants from Philippines went to visit two Bandung Regency’s iconic destinations, Kawah Putih and Glamping Lakeside on Saturday, 3rd February. The field trip event was organized by OIER UPI and involved Sahabat OIER to guide the thirteen participants from two different countries.

Using UPI bus, it took approximately one hour to reach the first destination, Kawah Putih, which is located in Ciwidey. By the time they arrived, they were welcomed by heavy rainfall and cold wind. However, it did not make the participants less enthusiastic to explore Kawah Putih and its beautiful scenery.

The next destination, Glamping Lakeside, is located not that far from Kawah Putih, and it took less than forty-five minutes to get there. All of the participants enjoyed visiting this destination as it has unique concept of an ark-like restaurant and mesmerizing view of Situ Patenggang. Most of the participants took this opportunity to take as much picture as possible with their peers since the scenery was indeed captivating.

Gwen, one of the participants from Philippines, did not miss the opportunity to get some souvenirs from these two destinations, such as clothes and strawberry-shaped pillow. Some of the other participants also bought strawberries in which are hand-picked by themselves, as it is a well-known signature fruit from Ciwidey.

This event was held to enhance solidarity and social relationship between the two countries, and familiarize themselves with Indonesia’s local tourist destination, especially in Bandung. In addition, this event was meant to give the participants from Thailand and Philippine wonderful memories in Bandung, Indonesia. (Ansi)