Sopan Kaluhur 6: A Captivating Showcase of Kabaret Celebrating Citizenship and Criminology

At the end of the leadership term of the Law Civic Student Association (HMCH) FPIPS UPI, one of the department-level student organizations, successfully organized the West Java Kabaret competition named “Sopan Kaluhur 6”. The event took place for one day on Sunday, June 4, 2023, at the Closed Theater of West Java Cultural Park, Dago Tea House, Bandung. Dr. Susan Fitriasari, M.Pd, the Chairperson of the Pancasila and Civic Education Study Program at FPIPS UPI, opened the event with the theme “7 Deadly Sins: Representation of Citizens’ Traits from the Etiology of Crime Perspective.” The aim of this event was to provide education and insights related to criminology through the artistic values approach in kabaret.

Zahwa Aliya, the Chief Organizer of Sopan Kaluhur 6 and also the Head of the Arts Bureau, stated that this theme was chosen to create a different impression from previous Sopan Kaluhur events, which usually focused on culture, diversity, and other topics. They aimed to present a storyline performed based on the common mistakes committed by humans.

Sopan Kaluhur 6 was participated by seven contestants from various regions in West Java, including kabaret teams such as Anterkars, Kreasi tilu, Teater Mozas, Sunshine Studios, Teater Langgar, Winner, and Eternal Kabaret. Each team successfully delivered a remarkable kabaret performance with meticulous presentation. The audience was even immersed in the atmosphere, experiencing joy and even shedding tears.

Ilhan Hardi Julianwan, the Head of the Talent Interest Division of BEM HMCH FPIPS UPI, explained that Sopan Kaluhur 6 was a talent-focused program aiming to socialize and internalize the noble values of Pancasila to the general public through kabaret. The event provided a different approach by incorporating it into a kabaret storyline.

The Sopan Kaluhur Kabaret Festival, now in its sixth year, had a panel of judges consisting of Yogi Gumilar, S.A., S.IP., M.Sc. (Supervisor of the Bandung Kabaret Forum), Fajar Rohman R, S.Pd. (Former Chairperson of the Bandung Kabaret Forum), and Dita Novita, S.Pd. (Founder of Sopan Kaluhur). They awarded the first place to the Anterkars team from SMP Kartika XIX-2 Bandung. Anterkars won the overall champion title of Sopan Kaluhur 6, as well as the awards for Best Director, Best Audio Editing, Best Storyline, Best Mixing, and Best Choreography.

According to Adhi Pamungkas, the Chairman of BEM HMCH FPIPS UPI and the event’s organizer, there is a need for simplification of education and knowledge that can be understood by the general public, just like in Legal Education, which is grounded in the norms of Pancasila. Therefore, the Sopan Kaluhur Kabaret Festival serves as a solution for artistic activists and enthusiasts to channel their aspirations and concerns as instruments of citizenship.

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