The digital transformation of UPI Cibiru: Collaboration and Future Innovations.

CIBIRU – In an effort to advance UPI Cibiru Campus, the management aims for a transformation into a “Digital Campus,” a grand vision to bring real benefits to the educational community. This step is not an easy task, but with well-thought-out, adaptive strategies focused on digitalization, the campus is prepared to face challenges.

One concrete step taken is harnessing the potential of the local area, understanding local strengths, and collaborating with those who have a track record in the digital era. For instance, Cibiru Wetan. This area not only shares the same digitalization vision but has also become an exemplary representation of Indonesia in the Southeast Asian Digital Village program.

When the leadership team of UPI Cibiru Campus visited Cibiru Wetan, they were warmly welcomed by Mr. Hadiana Supriatna, the local village head. During the meeting, both parties exchanged information and explored potential synergies, especially in the digital approach. The Director of UPI Cibiru Campus introduced the latest innovation, the Multiplatform TVUPI Mobile Android, which received an immediate positive response and was even installed by the village head.

The collaboration between UPI Cibiru Campus and Cibiru Wetan is expected to not only strengthen the digital visions of both parties but also provide tangible benefits to the community. Moreover, UPI Cibiru Campus is known for its excellence in education, robotics, multimedia, and software development.

The Director of UPI Cibiru Campus, who has been in office for only six days and is an alumnus of the campus, expresses optimism about this synergy. They also appreciate Cibiru Wetan, which, besides excelling in agriculture and plantation sectors, has also been recognized as an Anti-Corruption Village.

This collaboration marks a new era for UPI Cibiru Campus, emphasizing the importance of digital innovation and collaboration with the local community to create real change.