The Magister Program of Elementary School Teacher Education at UPI Tasikmalaya Campus receives an “Excellent” accreditation from LAMDIK.

The UPI Tasikmalaya PGSD Master Study Program has achieved Excellent accreditation from the Education Self-Accreditation Institute (LAMDIK).
This announcement was announced in the lamdik information system published on March 8, 2023.
The Head of the PGSD Master Study Program, Dr. Syarip Hidayat, M.Pd said that this achievement was the result of hard work and collaboration from the entire UPI academic community. “We are very grateful for the hard work of lecturers, staff, and students who have worked together to achieve this achievement. We are committed to continuing to improve the quality of education in the PGSD Master Study Program and achieve better achievements in the future,” he said.

According to data from Lamdik, the acquisition of this accreditation is proof that the Study Program has met the quality standards set by Lamdik and is able to provide quality higher education.
UPI Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Solehudin, MA. said “It is hoped that this achievement can be a motivation for the Study Program to continue to improve the quality of education and achieve even better accreditation in the future”. He said.

Study program accreditation is an assessment of the quality and quality of study programs conducted by Lamdik.
The assessment is carried out based on standards set by Lamdik and consists of 9 standards including Graduate Quality, curriculum, Learning Process, quality of teaching staff, supporting facilities and infrastructure, and evaluation and follow-up systems.

Achieving “Excellent” for a Study Program that is relatively new and does not yet have graduates is a rational achievement, and will certainly have an impact on increasing public confidence in UPI’s reputation as a university that is able to provide excellent academic services for students, especially in postgraduate programs within the University of Indonesia.