The online ban will be issued immediately, law enforcement officials can apply for prevention and deterrence directly

The Directorate General of Immigration disseminated the application of the Online Prevention and Deterrent Application to the Immigration Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) and the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Offices throughout Indonesia on Tuesday (25/01/2022). The meeting, which was held online, was chaired by the directors of the Directorate General of Immigration and involved the Special Staff of the Minister of Law and Human Rights in the Field of Public Communication, Bane Raja Manalu. The Cekal Online application, which has been prepared since last year, will start operating to coincide with the peak of the 72nd Immigration Service Day (HBI), Thursday (27/01/2022).

The Cekal Online application can only be accessed by a few parties. The first is immigration officers who are given authority in each work unit (immigration offices and immigration detention centers), and the second is Law Enforcement Officials (APH) through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The APH agencies that received authorization to apply for a ban through this application include the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Directorate General of State Assets, Directorate General of Taxes, KPK, BNN, BIN, BNPT, Attorney General’s Office, Police Criminal Investigation Unit and Densus 88 Anti-Terrorism.

“The operation of the Cekal Online Application demands more than the attention of the verifier in the work unit. The Head of the Immigration Office and the Head of the Immigration Division of the Regional Office must also monitor all incoming and ongoing prevention and deterrence applications. Don’t miss it if there is a ban that is almost expired, especially if there are agencies that revoke the ban before it expires,” said Director of the Immigration Technology and Information System, Agato P. Simamora.

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Agato said the flow of data transmission is from the immigration office to the Directorate, after that to the Immigration Checkpoint (TPI). If it has been approved at the Directorate, there will be a notification to the TPI and also to the Kanim.
The chairman of the Directorate General for Accelerating Regulations, Ujo Sujoto, who was also present at the meeting, reminded us that currently there is a new regulation on procedures for submitting prevention and deterrence.

“In Permenkumham No. 38 of 2021 concerning Procedures for Prevention and Deterrence, there is an article that determines the minimum data that must be submitted for blocking. Now requires a photo, so if there is no photo, the application cannot be processed. This must be socialized to APH who proposes to be banned. Later we will send the new regulations complete with SOPs, manual books, and videos on the use of the Cekal Application to related parties,” said Ujo.

The Cekal Online application will be integrated with other immigration service platforms to facilitate the identification of subjects subject to prevention/deterrence. Elastic Search technology, namely identity search/matching will be entered into the Visa Online application logic to view the relevant traffic data. In addition, there is Matching By Biometric technology to minimize data falsification.

With the Cekal Online Application, officers in work units no longer need to send letters to the Wasdakim Directorate to apply for prevention/deterrence. The appointed officers have their respective profiles prepared so they can input data into the Cekal Online Application, as well as the verifier officers.


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