UKM KOMPOR UPI Enhances Student Quality Through Specialized Robotics Training

UPI – UKM KOMPOR of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is bolstering student quality by organizing the Advance Training XVI program. With the primary goal of enhancing both hard and soft skills of students, the event was held at the UKM KOMPOR UPI Secretariat, with the official opening taking place at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK) at UPI.

This program is tailored specifically for students who have already become junior members and have completed the initial phase of cadreship. Participants are given the opportunity to undergo an internship at the Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI), a prestigious robotics competition organized by the National Achievement Center under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Through this internship, participants are prepared to become part of the KRI team in the future.

In addition, participants also gain insights into fundamental organizational aspects, including event management, documentation, publication, and academic writing. Following this, participants are assigned specific tasks to ensure they’ve improved their abilities after receiving the aforementioned materials.

In specialized training, students can choose from various fields such as Hardware, Software, and Mechanics. In the Hardware sector, participants are taught about the latest electronic technologies, while the Software section emphasizes programming and embedded systems. Those who opt for the Mechanics field receive training on mechanical concepts and 3D design for creating robot components.

As Advance Training XVI nears its conclusion, a dedicated seminar is held where participants present what they’ve learned and achieved during the program. The hope is that, upon completing this training, they will represent a new generation capable of propelling technological advancements in Indonesia.