Ulama: Language Proficiency in the Service of Da’wah – Training in Indonesian Language Editing for Young Scholars

Ulama are individuals well-versed in the knowledge of Islam, often engaging in activities closely associated with their status, such as da’wah (proselytizing). Da’wah involves the dissemination and development of Islamic teachings among the community. Language plays a crucial role as a medium for conveying messages in the da’wah process. In the course of da’wah, ulama diligently prepare their material from various sources.

Joint Photo from the Indonesian Language Editing Training Program for Young Scholars
Da’wah can be conducted orally or through writing, with proficiency in language being essential in both cases, especially when using the written form. Typically, even in oral da’wah, written texts are involved to guide the delivery of the message. Consequently, it is important for an ulama to master various aspects of language to produce effective texts for diverse da’wah communication. This is particularly crucial for young ulama entering the realm of da’wah. Improving language proficiency is necessary to achieve effective communication in da’wah activities.

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