Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Offers Three Selection Pathways for Prospective Students in Indonesia

Bandung, Indonesia – The Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) has organized a socialization event to promote the three selection pathways for prospective students seeking to enroll in public universities in Indonesia.

The selection pathways include the National Selection Based on Achievements (SNBP), the Computer-Based Test National Selection (SNBT), and the Independent Selection by Public Universities (Seleksi Mandiri PTN).

According to the Head of Public Relations of UPI, Prof. Dr. Deni Darmawan, the first selection path, SNBP, has been completed, and the second selection path, SNBT, has been promoted through socialization events. The third selection path, Seleksi Mandiri PTN, will also be opened by UPI and other public universities in Indonesia.

The SNBP is a national selection process that considers academic achievements and other accomplishments such as participation in extracurricular activities, competitions, and community services. Students with outstanding achievements in their high school studies are eligible to take part in this selection process.

The SNBT is a computer-based test selection process that replaces the Joint Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN). The SNBT is based on knowledge and aptitude tests and is intended to assess the suitability of prospective students for university education.

The Seleksi Mandiri PTN is a selection process organized by public universities independently of the two national selection processes. This pathway is available for students who did not qualify for SNBP or SNBT, but who meet the admission requirements set by the university.

Prof. Deni emphasized that UPI and other public universities in Indonesia offer three selection pathways to ensure that students have equal opportunities to enroll in their desired programs. He added that these selection pathways promote academic excellence and diversity, and encourage students to develop their potential.

With the three selection pathways, public universities in Indonesia aim to accommodate the diverse needs and abilities of prospective students and to provide them with a quality education that prepares them for their future careers.